Thursday, June 6, 2019

Malaysia Diaries May 2019: Awana and Janda Baik

I'm finally writing about the real reason we came to Malaysia.  My uncle's wedding!  Of course all the pictures I managed to take were of the trees and my Kong Kong "hitting the whoa".  So all the fancy wedding pictures were taken from Facebook including the ones taken by WYK Catering.

The wedding location was in the gorgeous tourist destination of Genting Highlands.  More specifically in Puncak Dani Genting Highlands AirBnB in Awana.

This was the first wedding I ever attended.  Prior to coming, I kept pestering my mom about what to expect.  Is it the same as western weddings (one I'm more familiar with)?  Is the attire different?  But she wasn't too sure herself albeit her wedding 20 years ago.

In the end, the wedding was a mix of western Christian and Chinese traditions.

The next day, we headed next door to a resort where my great-aunt was staying and ate lunch.  Then my mom, sister, and I were back on the road to Janda Baik to visit her university friends: Yen Yen, Pauline, and Mayine.

We stayed one night in a chalet, ate steam boat for dinner, walked across a river, and pretended to climb a coconut tree.

I had a lot of fun meeting her friends and seeing the similarities between her friends and mine.  They're all so different and yet they have stayed friends for over 20 years.  It's incredible and I hope the same for my best friends Dana and Serenity.

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