Saturday, November 10, 2018

Calendar Girl Reflection

On the first of October, I published a post called "Calendar Girl".  Check out the original post here.

This was a year long project I had been working on since October of the previous year.  I took one photo each month to capture my progressive style change in a format I had never tried before.

When I discovered the song Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka, I instantly fell in love.  I would play it on repeat for days on end.  Every day when I would walk to and from school I would sing it aloud.  Eventually, I got the idea to for a blog project, something that I could put lots of love and creativity into.  Calendar Girl pushed me to take a photo each month for a full year.

Although this blog may not have seen a ton of published content over these past couples months (shocks me really) I was definitely pushing myself more than before to take more photos.  I hope to take from this experience the desire to continue to push myself to take more photos even if it is just once a month.

It's also crazy how I can remember pretty much each day that these photos were taken.  In some way, these photos were a way to recap my year.

Here are some outakes for your viewing pleasure.

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