Saturday, October 14, 2017

:O Is That Vintage Jeremy Scott?

This Thursday I became President of my school's HOSA team.  This is a huge step for me because I was definitely not born a leader.  I genuinely care about people's interests and perspective on matters which means I'm always compromising.  If people need me, I'm there.  I never want anyone to feel left out.  I think I'm a great team member, but I still need to branch out and not be scared to take the lead.  This position is a huge deal for me and an incredible opportunity to rise to the occasion and prove myself wrong.  I'm hoping that this leadership position will give me more confidence and authority to delegate others and express my ideas and concerns.

For me, there's more to life after undergrad.  I want to get into vet school, I want to be an active member of animal protection organizations, and to be able to travel the world for my practice as well as broadening my knowledge of global culture and issues by experiencing them first hand.  I imagine great things in my future but feel so intimidated by the possibility of failure.  Right now, deciding which universities I want to apply to (so far it's Guelph, Trent, Western, McGill, McMaster) and which programs I want to study is very stressful.  I'm the type of personality that is so fickle minded because I want to know about everything on both sides, I want to test my hand on any new experience, I want to learn so much.  This makes it so hard for me to be be certain about what I want to study in my undergrad.  Do I want to major in Animal Health and Disease with a minor in Anthropology or Microbiology?  Or do I want to major in Microbiology and Minor in Animal Health and Disease?  Do I want to apply to a big university or a smaller one?  I think my main concern would be maintaining a high GPA.  This is crucial when applying to vet school.  But it seems as though the programs I do want to study will be very academically challenging.

Working with animals and being a first hand heath care provider for them is my life's vision.  I need to continue to push myself and find confidence.  I will continue to update this blog because I need proof that I am growing as an individual.  That I have had successes in life.  That I am always one step closer to the life I want to lead.  I hadn't really thought about my blog as serving as a documentary of my successes and a personal motivator.  But I'm writing this post and I've come to realize that's what it has transformed to become.  It's about the big picture, but it's equally about the milestones.  One day, we can look back at my older posts and read about my journey.
Blazer is thrifted vintage Jeremy Scott!!!!
Top is UB2
Trousers are thrifted H&M
Heels are Dex Flex

Thank you so much for reading!  Here's to many more :)



  1. Have you ever read the James Herriot series "All Creatures Great and Small"? He writes about his experience as a country veterinary practice.

    1. Funny you mention that! I've just picked it up from the library yesterday :) Can't wait to finish my current book and finally start reading this one. Goodreads is my life haha

    2. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on James Herriot.