Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Road Trip Day 1

Greeting!  Last week my mom and I set out on a week long road trip within the province of Ontario.  A few days prior to our departure I suddenly had a sparked interest to catch up on my favourite bloggers and what they had been posting since I fell out of line with the community.  Reading those blogs again rejuvenated my love for this blog and made me want to post on here again.  I have noticed that a couple bloggers I absolutely adore have also started drifting away from their blogs, which is totally understandable and I myself am victim of this.  But, I not done with my blog yet.  My summer isn't over, and there is still time to write.  Here we go...

The purpose of our road trip was to check out universities.  I will be going into my final year of high school and I still don't know where I want to go.  One thing I am certain of is I do not, in a million year, want to live at home.  We visited 4 universities total and also did some exploring.

The first day I visited Trent U.  It's a smaller university in a more rural area, but the campus was beautiful and green could be seen for acres on end.  After the tour, we went to the Riverview Park and Zoo.  What a lovely public space.  If I went to Trent, I would love to work at Riverview <3

Tortoise munching away like nobody's business
My personal favourites... the red squirrel monkeys!  Don't think I didn't see you reach for the lock and fumble with it :)
Peafowls (peacocks) roaming around
Domestic goats
I'm blanking on these guys!  If you know what they are let me know
And of course I saw a shop with my name.

These Road Trip series won't have as many outfit pictures, but I can't not share them!

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  1. It's an exciting time to be contemplating your future. Have you decided on a university or major yet?

    1. Hey Michael,
      Just saw your comment. But I know you read my most recent post where I talked more specifically about my uni plans :) There are just so many programs that interest me. Good thing we have minors and electives.