Sunday, April 10, 2016

aftershow impromptu

Getting my hands on a new sewing project is always pleasingly soothing and relaxing.  Though I haven't got a whole lot of experience and knowledge that's another reason why I'm always itching to get a project done and to start a new one.  I learn so much from one project that it gets me excited and motivated to use the new techniques  I learned in my next project.

 My school's fashion show was in February and I spent a few days over the winter break to complete this.  It didn't take as long as I had anticipated.  For me, I like to sketch out and plan my ideas before I 'get my hands dirty', but then once start I just go with the flow.

I never got around to posting any pictures of my piece for my school's fashion show.  I guess I thought since they were taken from Photo Booth, they wouldn't be as nice.  I've started to embrace the fact that I don't have the luxury of a nice camera.  I suppose that's why Photoshop has been a huge contributor to my recent posts.  It's helped me feel as if I could still transpose my creativity and personality.  I sewed a jacket and a skirt, but you can't exactly see the skirt all too well.  I completed another project that I wore for my birthday, but since then I haven't gotten enough time to properly give a whole day up to begin another.  I've had some ideas in mind, I just need timeeeee.

Have you ever seen or looked into renaissance costumery?  When I first discovered a love for its embroidering and layering it was through a Youtuber by the name Angela Clayton.  She's also got a blog where she goes more into depth.  She sews her own cosplay and it was through watching her videos that I became more aware of the amount of detail I put into my pieces.  I don't like to admit this, but although I love it when my projects come out looking rather professional, I am a rusher.  ugh and it sucks that I am.  I try to consciously remind my self to slow down and be patient and to look at the big picture, but that tends to slip through.  

Same thing goes for math tests.  I've got this friend who takes her time when she does anything.  And I mean, she really takes her time.  So much time that she takes a ruler and neatly draws her lines in fractions during math.  It's sort of hard to explain this dilemma. (random but true)

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  1. Love your coat, so creative (:

    1. thanks caterina <3 I always appreciate your comments :)

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  3. Very creative. Thanks for this post!
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  4. I love this, it's totally unique and fun.

  5. Love this coat, so unique :) Thanks for sharing!

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  6. So cute ! :)

    xx - Violetta

  7. Cool! I love the photos! :) x

  8. aweome coat- btw you can always try and use some free photo filter sites online if you ever feel limited by photoshop! xx

  9. That coat is amazing, lovelovelove it! x

  10. Love this, so gorgeous! I think your blog is great by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

  11. Talent! love the patch dear...

  12. Photos are absolutely spectacular! So gorgeous!
    You have such a lovely blog!

    Diana Cloudlet