Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Round Up #4

OLD SCHOOL It's been a super long time since my last Weekly Round Up.  Looking back at it, my style and writing since has definitely changed.  I've been editing a lot of my photos on Photoshop because I'm on the 30 day free trial and it's been a blast.  It takes longer to complete a post but I love the uniqueness I get to express.  I'm trying to make my blog mine.  As in, I want to add more of my personality into it.  Not just my style, but my astetics.  As of late, it's been more old soul.  I think I've reached this point where I'm getting sick of the typical, trendy, ascetics that never fails to pop up on my Instagram.  The boyfriend jeans, Stan Smiths, and Daniel Wellington watches.  You know I'm talking about.  

It wasn't this week (however I feel the need to mention this), but I started to declutter my life from all that.  All the simplistic, white themed, pleasing-for-awhile accounts and started surrounding myself with accounts that truly gave me inspiration on what I want to wear in the morning.  I get tired of seeing those been-there-seen-those accounts.  I prefer following accounts with wacky personality, filled with colours and life.

The roses in the picture above came in a floral arrangement my mom brought home from work.  She explained to me how every Friday her office throws the arrangement out and gets a new one Monday.  But, they are still gorgeous when they get dumped and some flowers haven't even gotten the chance to bloom.  It's such a waste.  I'm really glad she took them home this week.  I separated some into old empty jars and placed them around the house.  This one resides in my room.

My mom, sister, and I went to a Malaysian restaurant where we tried their nasi lamak and asam laska.   Two very popular and super tasty Malaysian dishes.  Here's the sunset after our meal.  The city isn't only skyscrapers and pollution (ish).

LEFT This Lavender Hand & Nail enriching cream by Soap Stories amsterdam (I don't think they have it online) was gifted to me form my mom for my birthday.  My hands have always been unfortunately really dry and now a days I'm really noticing the lines on my hand which is scaring me to be honest.  I really needed a moisturizer for them and I was so grateful to receive this.  I use it everyday now.

RIGHT I found an old pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans last week that were red but had already been cropped to the knee.  They were previously in storage for who knows how many years and had this really musky old smell.  I had an idea to transform them into a denim skirt because I thought that way I would get the most use out of it.  I popped it into the washer and thus began another sewing project I was thrilled about.  Enthusiastically, I wore it to school Thursday.  

When I got to my locker in the morning to get my books and everything, I squatted down to reach my binders which are at the bottom of my locker and heard the most worrying sound of my skirt ripping.  The rip was probably and inch and I thought I looked cool and seemed to go with the distressed look.  Spoke too soon.  As the day went by, one leg stretch to another and the rip became even longer.  I though it couldn't get any worse.  Little did I expect that when I was walking home from school, I would slip on ice and split it even further.  So there you have it, an awkwardly long rip in my skirt that I have to now figure out a way to patch it up.  Any ideas/colour suggestions?

Yesterday, I also started watching Grey's Anatomy.  Yup, I caved.  I'd heard so many people at school buzzing about the show for years and always knew I wanted to start it but also knew I had a lot of other shows to keep on top of. (Ex. Criminal Minds, Baby Daddy, Pretty Little Liars etc.)  To date, Grey's Anatomy has 12 freaking seasons.  Which is one of the main reasons why I was a bit sceptical on starting it.  Well here we are.  I binged 4 episodes last night, (I'm currently on S01E05) and don't look forward to more procrastination.  What can you do...

do you have anything interesting planned for this week?  i personally am not excited to go back to school.


  1. That photo with the roses is so beautiful! I love how you edited it.
    Little tip- when I used to get sad about spending my week in school, I would plan trips which I wanted to go to and places I wanted to see. Really kept me going! x Alona

    1. Thanks for the tip, Alona :) I love your blog <3
      I always dream of travelling the world with my friends and volunteering abroung at a conservatory some day