Saturday, March 26, 2016

Aouadi Spring 2016 Couture

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MEDIEVAL PEASANT That was my initial impression.  There's a mixture of old structure and modern cut.  I've been really into renaissance wear and I was quite drawn to this collection.  Not a usually one for me.  

I love the french square neckline and the delicate embroidery.  I've recently come to extremely appreciate the amount of workmanship put into embroidering.  It takes a lot of precision and time.  This collection plays around with a lot of textures and fabrics.  It's almost as if Aouadi took the garment of a medieval peasant and turned it into a timeless luxury.  It just comes to show that there can be beauty in the simplest of things; that there is always room for your own flare and contributions.

Some of the pieces have structure resembling a corset, others are layered over a white blouse, but what really gives it a simplistic, dated yet elegant, and sophisticated appeal is the neutral pallet.  An almost bland one.  Yet this collection is nowhere near bland.  This collection also incorporates a masculine appeal, especially in the last two looks.  From the pants to what reminds me of a petty coat,  this is what separates the new from the old.

These are my favourite looks from Yacine Aouadi's Spring 2016 Couture collection.

which brands have you been loving lately?  i love discovering new ones

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  1. I'm so glad you posted about this designer, the detail is absolutely incredible