Friday, March 18, 2016

Thrifted Goodies

I used to never be the person unable to resist the urge to have to buy something before I left a store but thrifting is a game changer.  Especially when it's 50% off.  Every time I go, there's always something new to discover and fall in love with.  Just scanning the racks fills you with joy and inspiration.

"Oh this skirt would look stellar with a printed button-up blouse and mules"
"Eek do you really think I could pull off this grampa style cardigan?"
"What if I wore this scarf as a belt..."

The best part is being able to try it all on.  There are so many different styles there that I'm curious to try because 

a) it's all over my Instagram 
b) it just looks too good to put down and walk away from

This slip dress I found was by far my favourite from the heap  It's a band new Topshop dress (and still had the tags on!)  It's a velvet fabric with a gorgeous winter floral pattern.  It is a few sizes too big but small enough that I can still wear it.  I was planning on layering it over a blouse anyways.  I'm just so excited to have an occasion to wear it too.  Actually, a bunch of my friends are going to a fancy Italian restaurant tonight.  I would go but for some un usual reason I'm just not in the mood.  Does anybody else ever fell that way?  On top of that I've got a lot of projects to work on and things to do around the house.  I feel like I would more-so regret going than not.  ugh

This is another gorgeous top I bought because first of all blues are my favourite colours and secondly the pattern really pleases me.  I really am not a huge flowery type person because it's a bit too "girly"for me.  However simple dark floral patterns like these and the former Topshop piece, I really enjoy.

I found a really old Jeremy Scott knit but didn't leave with.  Although I know it's designer, I couldn't justify it's necessity in my closet.

I also found this colourful striped denim skirt that totally had Heli bells written all over it.

Inner and Outer wear

Miu Miu is that you?


  1. love the reference to Heli Bells! (I thought the same thing)

    1. haha yes I love her Instagram. She's probably the only girl I know that can pull off that much pizzazz in her outfits :) She's so cool

  2. Love your choice! These pieces look so chic & vintage! :)