Friday, March 25, 2016

My 16th Birthday Look

When I finally had enough consistent time to begin a new sewing project, I was thrilled.  My previous piece I sewed was for my school's fashion show and I'd been itching to start something new.  Gratefully, I finished in time to wear it specially on my birthday!  I'm in love with the vibrant colours and the gorgeous pattern.  I do plan on writing a more in depth post on it.

My day began with a lovely homestyle brunch at the Golden Griddle with my little sister.  I got the sunny side up egg over spinach and bread with potatoes. (potatoes are my ride or die) My sister got a breakfast burrito and greek salad.  When I went to pay, the guy charged us $417.20 instead of $17.20!  Good thing it wasn't too early in the morning for me to go without noticing.  That was insane.

We originally planned on going to Menchie's seeing as I had a $5 credit to spend for my birthday, but our brunch was so delicious and filling I thought it'd be best to go another time.  I don't know if you know this, but if you sign up for a Menchie's account, every year around your birthday you receive $5 off your purchase.  I honestly never go to Menchie's any other time through out the year :)  Life hack?  Life hack.

As I've gotten older (which by the way I can't believe I'll almost only have 2 years left of high school um), I've noticed that I'm not a huge party person.  I'm more so the one you'll find sitting on a couch with my head rested on my hand.  So, I didn't have a huge celebration which I didn't mind at all.  Sena came over midway through the day and we watched "The Room" which is an amazing movie with incredible actors <3

My mom then took Sena, my sister, and I out for a delicious sushi dinner. mmm.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth all tingly.  It was a very tiny independent restaurant but their sushi was incredible.  (sushi is also my ride or die)

Probably my favourite part of my day was spent at a huge park after the wonderful dinner.  It was  around 8:30 pm so the park was dark and desolate excluding that one runner we passed on the way in.  Other than that, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  This park had a big pit with a bunch of large landscape rocks encircling it.  So you know what that means... bon fire!  I'd been wanting to have a bon fire for the longest time.  I've never been to an overnight camp and was always curious how a bon fire would feel.  Also, Camp Rock may have had an influence on that too :)  We brought snacks, blankets, and wood.  It was definitely a challenge getting the fire started because the place was a bit damp from the previous day but I had a blast.  :) Happy faces all around :)

Jacket: Jones New York | Windbreaker: thrifted | Bag: charity sale | Sheer button-up: thrifted | Corset top: sewn | Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Tights: mom's | Bracelet: gift from Sena | Rings: H&M or Claire's | Rock Necklace: Christmas gift from my sister | Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co -> these have lasted through thick and thin and all 4 seasons.


  1. Happy Birthday, enjoy your Sweet 16!

  2. Happy Birthday! love your latest DIY, the colour and patterns are fantastic, and the way you've layered it with a sheer blouse is so cool :)

    1. Thanks Adele <3 I always appreciate your comments. it means a lot