Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Rockies Diary, Week 4: Got My First Covid Vaccine Dose!

May 17, 2021 - May 23, 2021

The weather is so temperamental!  Some days are super hot and sunny while other days are cold and gloomy.  The weather app is mostly unreliable, which makes planning your days a tricky task.

On May 17, I had the day off.  My plans were to buy food and lay in the sun all day while reading my book The Secret History by Donna Tartt.  I got myself some Mediterranean Mac and Cheese (5/10) from Good Earth and tortilla chips, creamy spinach dip, and lemonade from Save-on-Foods.  I rode my bike to the Riverside Park - by the Bow River - and enjoyed my relaxing day with good weather.

On May 20, I got my first Covid vaccine dose!  After over a year of anticipation, it finally happened. (post vaccine selfie pictured below).  To celebrate, I bought a salami and capocollo on an Asiago ciabatta bun (10/10) sandwich from Save-On's ready-made meals section - something I've never done before.

I spent the rest of the day re-watching Criminal Minds and watching Youtube videos.  Architectural Digest uploaded a house tour of Bretman Rock's home in Hawai'i - ever since then I have a strong desire to visit.  I think that ever since I moved to Canmore, being surrounded by mountains just makes me want to experience all types of mountains (if that makes sense).  The mountains in Hawai'i look so lush and green!  I wonder if there are any jobs there that offer staff accommodation?

As for the rest of the week, nothing worth noting happened.  All I can say is that I watched some more episodes of SKAM France.  BUT - I am trying not to binge them all at once because I want to savour the show.  I also need anything French show to watch.

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