Sunday, January 6, 2019

Fudao Noodle House in Downtown Toronto China Town

As a Christmas gift to my mom and sister, I brought them to Fudao Noodle House (5/5).  It's a popular joint in China Town known for serving you an unlimited amount of noodles with your broth.  One order of soup is the perfect amount to share with someone else and makes the meal is a beautifully decorated restaurant very affordable.  Instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas, treating each other to knew experiences is way more bonding than any thing you could buy at a mall.  Go see a movie, go out to eat, go to a coffee shop.  Get out the house and do some exploring!!!

Thai curry noodle soup
Spicy noodle soup
Grilled squid tentacles
Jacket: J. Crew thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Boots: Aldo
Top: Nygard thrifted

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  1. What a novel idea for a Christmas gift. I agree with your earlier post, Christmas is too materialistic and for myself it is more religious. I made my family and friends gifts.