Monday, September 4, 2017

Road Trip Day 3

We had slept overnight in the car, parked at one of the Rideau Canal locations farther out from downtown.  Bright and early we headed out to the Parliament to watch the changing of guards.  If I'm being real... it was an over exaggerated showing with rows upon rows of troops just to exchange 2 men.  But hey, we found a spot less saturated with tourists where we could comfortably watch the show and take pictures in front of a beautiful door.
This whole outfit is thrifted (All except for my Nike shoes.) - courtesy of the Salvation Army and Value Village and Talize.  It was actually my first time going to a Talize as there are non in the city.  So on Day 1 when we went to Peterborough, I was dying to check it out (plus there was a 50% off sale).
I've really been loving the colour yellow lately
I also really want to distress these jeans.  I've just seen so many pictures and I want to have them all, but I've only got one pair
Meet my mama

We also visited the Byword Market and got wild blueberries.  Then we went to the UOttowa campus tour.
Selfie at a hotel in Montreal we stayed at for the night.

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