Friday, April 1, 2016

in my little corner of the world

PHOTOSHOP-ING I've recently done a few changes here and there to my blog's template.  This tends to happen every so often.  I wanted to shared with you something I added to my blog.  It says, "I pledge to read the printed word".  I don't think I could stand to live in a world where physical copies no longer exist.  Sure my laptop is my little baby - and don't forget my phone - however I will always be a book person.  Never an e-book or audiobook or whatever electronic books devices they are coming out with person.  I definitely think you should add this to your blog if you feel the same way :)  And if you already added it :) :) :)  

My taste is continually evolving and I eventually enjoy a change of scenery.  Signing up for this 30 day free Photoshop trial was probably one of the best things that's happened for this blog.  I've been playing around with a lot of editing.  I really wish Photoshop was somehow a physical program where I could move things around with my hands but still manage to have to same liberty and precision.  It's tiresome looking at a computer screen after a long time.  I've been spending lots of time on the computer as of late; still trying to master this editing program.  Tutorials make it out to be so much easier then it looks.

It has been a long time since I have told myself that I truly love the pictures I'm posting.  I don't have a lot of fancy equipment - like perhaps a camera - so taking photos can be limiting at times.  I used to edit most of my pictures on VSCO cam.  Recently that's what I've been using to get quick and easy enhancements since I'm not an expert at Photoshop.

I have this scrapbook that is barely filled and I did a few collages in it a few months ago and then never got back into it. It wasn't until we got one of those free fashion magazines in the mail that I had the urge to do more collages.  I just sat down while watching Grey's Anatomy (S02E05) and started destroying the magazine. haha.  I went on to watch the latest Baby Daddy (S05E09).  I didn't think much of my collages until I was editing this outfit on my phone with VSCO cam that I literally put two and two together!  I whipped out my phone and took pictures of the collages.  No scanning required.  Then, thanks to photoshop I played around with the layouts.

The other backgrounds I used in my previous posts were mostly taken from a few Google Images searches. This feels more personal and satisfying this way.  I'm going to stick to making more collages for my edits.  

Ps. If you look at any of my outfit posts, or simply look at the side bar you'll notice I only tilt my body one way when I'm posing.  I'm thinking that needs to change tooooooo.

My jacket is from Forever 21.  My sunnies where from the Black Market.  My top was thrifted and I love it to pieces.  The shorts are H&M on sale.  For some odd reason, I always pair these shorts with more patterns.  I can't help it; the shorts make me do it.  I'm not too sure where my tights were from.   All I can say is those rips were not on purpose.  The shoes... ah yeah G.H. Bass & Co.  my ride or dies.

I'd really like to hear what you guys think about my edits.  I know it's really easy to be bias towards your own work.  Is the sizing weird?  The lighting weird?  Is there too much going on?  I would like to improve as much as possible.

See you next time,
Sophia <3


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  2. Such a cute shirt and good editing skills.

  3. Love the post, I would miss it if physical photos disappeared as well.

    1. oh no. physical photos are the best. but the more i think of it, i don't really have many physical photos for the more recent years :( i need to make sure i print some!

  4. This looks amazing! Nice style!


  5. love that top

  6. good nice cute,,i like you style
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