Monday, September 28, 2015

Gold Flecks and Flare

Yesterday was such a full day packed with pie eating, pumpkin carving and petting zoo petting.  The other half of the day was filled with cocktail shrimp eating, sushi rolls, and creepy old men.  But that other half if going up in my next blogpost :)

There was a community street festival and a lot of stores were promoting themselves.  One store that I passed by was a really cool antique store and the owner was selling boxes full of old antique books for $1.  Sifting through the boxes, I managed to pull out this gorgeous red book of Great Short  Stories.  It's in pretty good condition and I'm really interested in reading what it has to offer.  I feel like it'll be a refreshing shift in eras when I go through this book.  Plus I think it'll look good as room d├ęcor haha.  I'll update you all if I like the quick reads.

I thrifted these really awesome 70's flare denim pants 'about a week ago' and could not wait to bust these suckers out in public.  They're a bit big and too long on me so I had to wear heels with them.  But I think at school I can just flip the cuff up and call it fashion.  The top is also thrifted and cost a good $0.99.  The criss-cross lace detailing really adds to the 70's western vibe and I really like it.  I'm usually not a big trends fanatic, but I really do love the 70's trend everyone is talking about.

Outfit details:
Top: Thrifted ($0.99)
Pants: Thrifted ($7.99)
Shoes: Gifted
Bag: Charity auction ($2)

Total cost: $10.98 +

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  1. love these photos and how they sort of tell a story about your day. your outfit looks great too! xx Lita