Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cocktail Fancy

 Here's Part 2 of the unofficial part 1 that is the post before this.  Same day, different outfits.  Don't you just love being able to dress up for different occasions?  I mean, most of us are constantly going to and from school 5 times a week for years and years and years.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on so many things.  Like parties, dates, froyo, and well fashion week.  The fashion week depression is definitely thing when your Youtube subscription feed is bombarded by every single show there is every second of the day.  If you want to feel that way as well I'll link the channel below.  But basically they just post videos of full runways and it's such a backhanded channel.  On one side it's so inspiring to be able to see all the creative designers and fabrics and textiles.  (I LOOVE fashion textiles.)  On the other hand, well you get fashion week depression because you can't actually watch them live in person. UGH.

But speaking of runways and whatnot, I really wanted to talk to someone about the Dolce & Gabana show because pretty much everyone I know in person wouldn't care at all.  So, finally, people who understand my language (I think).  Usually G&D hasn't been a brand to really captivate my attention, but their Spring 2016 Ready-to-wear collection really pulled some strings.  Perhaps it's the fact that I so desperately want to travel all over the world, but I loved the embroidery and the lace and the Roman esk they empowered to beautifully and femininely.  I'm thinking about making a few posts one my favourite shows so far.  I did 2 in the past for Jonathan Saunders, and Vivienne Tam.

I have so many cool ideas that I would love to bring to life on my blog but there are so many restrictions, first being that I don't have a proper camera.  I'm going to try my best, and see how this evolves.

My friend's birthday was Saturday and a whole bunch of us gals hung out in the party room of her stunning condo.  Seriously though, it was stunning.  We played some pool (not that we were any good), and hung out on the patio near the fireplace.  The furniture was so stunning and isn't it just apartment goalz?  My friend and I, we love planning out what we want our apartments to look like.  But then again, what teenage girl doesn't.

As I mentioned in my last post that I would tell you all about the creepy guys, here goes.  We were all gathered around the fireplace outside on the patio where there were a bunch of sofas.  It was really late at night and we were just talking in groups, when one of us notices that there are 2 old men a few floors up taking pictures of us. We all start to panic.  I mean that's definitely not normal.  They keep taking pictures of us and then they start to whistle.  No thank you.  So we all eventually scramble back inside.  Whoop whoops, that's something for the books.

I borrowed my mom's blouse for this look because I thought I really tied it together :) (#Puns
ForLife).  It gave the look a chic glamorous modern look but aged it a bit with the ribbon and the somewhat puffy shoulders.  I freaking love this ensemble.

This placed totally called for a impromptu photoshoot.

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Mom's closet but gifted from my sister - thrifted ($7.99)
Skirt: H&M ($10)
Bag: Goodwill ($3)
Shoes: Gifted 

Total cost: $21.99 +

#SoulMates #PunsForLife

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  1. the way you did your belt in the first look is amazing!! gorgeous photos! xx Lita