Monday, July 6, 2015

And perhaps we are weeds trapped in our own doings

Here's what's been constantly crossing my mind:
Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much damage humans have made?  Our impact on life?  The ecosystems?  Our future?  I know most of us learn about protecting our environment and keeping it clean but I never look at the big picture.

It's days when I'm staring outside the car window as we drive away from the downtown part of the city into more open, undeveloped land, that I start to wonder.  Eventually all this undeveloped land will be turned into fields and fields of factories, transit extensions, endless rows of town homes, and polluted green everywhere.  

Soon this is where people will buy up those town homes, settle in and call it theirs.  
Soon this won't be enough.
There will always be another open, undeveloped land that eventually will be filled with more factories, transit extensions, town homes, and polluted green everywhere.

If there was one thing that stuck with me from biology class, it's the term "urban sprawl".  In a nutshell it basically means unorganized developed land.  Where I live, that's how I feel when ever I see a new sky rise building doing up; makes the 2 story buildings feel so insignificant, or if there's another subway station being built to reduce the heavy flow of traffic.  It's times like this when I think "why couldn't you guys have planned this from the get go?"  And by "guys" I mean the government, the politicians, them political people.

Then, I start to wonder, what has the government really done to improve our world?  Now, I'm a not an expert in this field and I may be wrong, but the government really hasn't done a whole lot of improving.  To me, they've just been fixing the mistakes and poor decisions they've made in the past.  They say they are doing their best to please the public, but really all they care about is staying in power.  This is probably not the case for a small fracture of politicians, but I mean come on, lets get real.

So, out of all that aren't we weeds?  We continue to spread and eat up resources for other living organisms.  We continue to tear up other ecosystems to make room for our ever so quickly expanding one.  And, at the end of the day, we deal with the consequences...

Hope I didn't scare you guys off haha.  But if you guys have any thoughts about this or opinions to share, lets start a discussion in the comments.

This lovely dress is by the brand Estefen.  It was a hand-me-down from my grandma, and it's buy far my favourite one I have.  But that's not really saying much because I barely have a dress collection.  But, I hope you get me.  My sunglasses were gifted to me and it's by the brand Ardene.  My necklace is from a family friend who handmade it.  It absolutely gorgeous and very whimsical.  She actually has an Etsy shop you guys have to check out.  She hand makes really tumblr-esk, adorable journals.  My belt is also a hand-me down from my mom, but I believe she got it from her mom.  I don't really know the whole story, all I know is that I like to say it's vintage :)  And of course, my sandals are from american eagle.  If you read my blog on a regular basis and keep up with my outfits, you've probably gotten tired of these sandals because I wear them every freaking day!  Don't worry you're not alone, I'm getting tired of them and am on the hunt for a new pair of shoes.

*mad at myself for being so inactive*

*feeling better because I know there's going to be a new post soon so stay tuned*


  1. lovely post and pictures! I definitely know what you mean by seeing a new building going up in town where trees used to be.


  2. What a beautiful dress!
    xx Elle

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  3. Lovely post...beautiful outfit..

  4. These look so fun, love this idea!