Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekly Round Up #3

I've been so inactive on my blog lately, or at least that's how I feel.  I wasn't able to post a round up last week and I don't think the week before either.  So, to make it up I thought I'd just combine all the pictures I've accumulated since my last round up.

This week I've been working on another Youtube video which will be what I wore the whole week (i.e. #OOTW)  It will be the second in it's series called "Seven Days In Outfits".  So, stay tuned for that!  I might just add the video to this post once I upload it, so you can be sure to check back Friday! The photo shown above is one of the outfits in the video because I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peak :)  I hope you guys find this post relaxing and inspiring an enjoy spending your time here on my blog! I truly appreciate all your comments and support and was overwhelmed with all the positive feed back on my previous post.

Sneak peak Okay, this is the last sneak peak because I'm going to upload the video Friday so come back then for more outfits and where they are from!

Nature's Green In a City A few days back I volunteered at a marathon for diabetes which took place at the most relaxing stunning park I've been to in ages.  It was so vast and full of green open space which is sadly getting more and more rare in the city.  If this view doesn't seem serene enough for you then I think the best way to solve that problem is to visit a park for yourself :)

He's Not A People Person  I went to the science centre for a school field trip and met this little guy... or girl...I don't recall.  I seriously tried to take a clear shot of him to show you all but I don't think he was wuite fond of pictures.  So, after 3 tries I let him have his own space.  Thinking back, I probably ow;don't want to be disturbed by a weird 9th grader.  I actually feel bad for him that he's stuck in a small glass box.  I wish I knew if they were treating him like a prince :(

Turtle: "Lady leave me alone."
Me: "Come on I just need one good picture."

Turtle: "Don't make me jump out of my tank. I don't want to have to say it again!"
Me: "Okay. Okay. Fine... Last one"

New Upload!  I also uploaded a new video to my channel so make sure you watch ittttttt!

Art?  I also want to mention that I've been tho the science centre way to many times to count and I have never seen this guy in my entire life!  I kinda wish they made this a print for a dress because that would be so cool.  Just imagine!  He kind of reminds me of the designs from Lazy Oaf.

 Mother's Day Breakfast In the midst of all this, it was Mother's day!  I used the banana pancake recipe from Blogilates and whipped of some delicious foooood!!!

EOS in "Vanilla Mint" (i.e. a life saver) My lips have been so chapped lately and it's really bad.  This lip balm has been a life saver and actually helps keep my lips moisturized!  I think I need to start drinking more water though!


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